An Analog Bathroom Scale Works Just Fine In The Digital Age

Published: 27th May 2010
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For a long time, homes were used to having analog bathroom scales. With the advent of digital technology, for the last two decades, the majority of homes have switched over from using mechanical analog bathroom scales to digital ones. Digital scales have LCD type displays that will announce the weight in digits. Analog scales have dials on them, with a needle that shifts to the right weight measurement when a person steps on the scale. One would read the weight off the dial that way.

While digital bathroom scales are very popular, a steady stream of customers continue to choose analog ones year after year. Why is that? Well, a basic analog scale tends to be inexpensive. The cheapest bathroom scales that cost $10 or less are usually analog ones, less than a rock-bottom priced digital scale. Understand, though, that a really good and quality analog scale will more than a cheap digital scale.

This brings us to the another great reason for choosing analog. Since an analog scale is mechanical, it does not require the use of batteries to run. Imagine the extra tasks of having to go out and buy lithium or the required batteries to get the scale working, or trying to recharge batteries to make it work. It's just another step that could easily be avoided by making the initial choice for analog technology.

An example of an accurate and reasonably priced analog scale is the Healthometer Dial Scale SAB998 D-41. It is a product of the Health O Meter company and commonly sold in department stores or online by various websites such as Amazon. This scale features wide leatherette mat, 5.5 speedo dials, measures up to 300 lbs accurately. Its size and design allows you to put it in cramp places like bathrooms and could even be carried around in a bag.

All models are offered at reasonable prices, for details of pricing and shipping, you can contact local dealers or search the internet for dealers and buy from a dealer who offers the best price. Other dealers even offer gift wrapping if you want to give it as a gift. It is a superb gift for people who are watching their weight regularly.

Most of the reviews about these products are positive. Those who have purchased this scale have positive comments. According to some, this product made weighing easy and simple and it is accurate too. It is also appreciated for its good sized dial for easy reading of weight. Still others like it because it is easy to maintain and it does not require batteries.

See bathroom scale ratings on the website. Choose the best bathroom digital scale available for your needs today. Shop for cheap digital scales and read reviews on electronic weight scales.

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