Bathroom Digital Scale - The Difference Between A Good One And A Bad One

Published: 10th June 2010
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When it comes to shopping for a new bathroom digital scale for the bathroom, it is easy to just go to the nearest department store and grab one of those scales sold. After all, bathroom scales have been around for a hundred years; so there is probably not much differences between brands and models.

You may just be in for a surprise. Despite being a common product, there are major differences in quality between a well constructed scale and a poorly constructed one.

A bathroom scale needs to be well-constructed so that it is sturdy and comfortable to stand on it. When you stand on it, you do not need to feel like you may slip. Wobbly construction occurs more often than we imagine.

Imagine that you do not feel good standing on your digital weight scale, how often do you think you will use it? Would that not defeat the purpose of having a bathroom scale in the first place? Remember, a bathroom scale performs a very simple but important function of keeping you on track on your weight. It's an appliance that helps us keep healthy so it makes sense to use it frequently and perhaps every day. It makes sense to get a good one, especially when a good scale is usually affordable.

Another point is to pick a scale that will be able to measure your weight accurately. A good digital bath scale will calibrate automatically when you turn it on or off. So, when you first turn the scale on, you should be able see the a clear zero reading, dashes on the display or something that conveys that the scale is turned on and ready to weigh. If not, try to tap on the scale one more time or read the instructions printed on the scale or manual.

Once the bathroom digital scale is ready for a weigh in, step on. Your weight reading should be within 0 - 2 pounds (margin of error) of your actual weight. Depending on the last time you weighed yourself at the doctor's office, you should be able to get a good sense of the bathroom scales accuracy. You can also test it out with known weights like a bag of sugar or dumbbells.

Keeping these basic ideas in mind when shopping for will allow you to find the best bathroom digital scale for your needs.

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