Chocolate Diamond Rings And Jewelry For An Engagement And Wedding

Published: 10th May 2011
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In case you are looking to learn more about chocolate diamond rings and jewelry, you will likely discover a few good tips in this article. With their deep dark brown chocolate tones, they are attractive and gorgeous, evoking a sense of amazement and pleasure at the same time. Chocolate diamonds are a part of the family of brown diamonds. Brown diamonds appear in many shades, like honey, cinnamon and champagne, besides chocolate. Brown diamonds are really rare indeed. This is one thing that most people do not understand. They are about 0.1% of the total diamonds mined worldwide.

You may wonder how come there is an interest in chocolate or brown diamonds? The interest has been initiated by a massive branding and design campaign by a leading jeweler Eddie Le Vian. Instead of calling them by the uninteresting name of brown diamonds, they marketed them as chocolate diamonds, and set them in gorgeous cuts and designs produced by the leading jewelry artists in the world today.

Le Vian jewelry has been worn by famous people and aristocracy for many decades, and these trendsetters took to chocolate diamonds with enthusiastic interest. This has sparked off a wave of public interest in these types of diamond jewelry. Chocolate diamond rings are acquired and worn not just for average events or unique parties. They're purchased for once in a lifetime events like engagements and weddings too.

Top quality chocolate diamonds are extremely valued and extremely expensive. The official GIA gem cerfitications institute grades them on the intensity of the color. Although clear diamonds are coveted for the transparency of the stone, a colored diamond like a chocolate or brown diamond is valued for its color intensity, the more intense it is, the a lot more valuable it becomes. The grading method is based on the hue and tone of the gem, as well as the color saturation. A few of the names for the color grading contain appealing terms like Fancy Light or Fancy Intense.

A popular question is this: Where can a person purchase chocolate diamond rings and jewelry items? Chocolate diamond rings and jewelry items can be purchased from numerous places, both online and offline. They're also sometimes sold over television shopping channels like QVC or the Shopping Channel. On-line, retailers like Blue Nile, Amazon and eBay are a number of the options to think about. Offline, stores like Tiffany or Jared fine jewelry stores have branches nationwide. Don't forget the neighborhood specialty stores as well. Jared's carry the desirable Le Vian line of chocolate diamond jewelry, which is aplauded for their fantastic designs and premium quality craftsmenship. They also supply several rings and items with certifications and have an independently certified diamontologist in the store that can assist with offering value appraisals. If you're intending on a key obtain, you will find benefits to purchasing from a local jewellery retail store, such as being able to physically and really feel a jewelry item just before buyHaving an in-store guarantee is another plus.

If there is one important factor to remember, it is to purchase with caution. Just before biting the bullet on any chocolate diamond rings and jewelry final buy conclusions, it would be prudent to do a good level of exploration. Without difficulty, on the internet you can find out what's on the market and comprehend the intricacies to be aware of.

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