Positives And Negatives Regarding Trendy Energy Bracelets

Published: 15th August 2011
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In certain unpleasant situations of our life when we are not able to do anything about the event or situation we resort to some choices that we’d find bizarre if we would not have been in that situation. We become ready to do almost anything to get out of the situation like wearing rings, wearing stones and the like. Energy bracelets are the latest in such a list.

Before knowing whether the energy bracelets work, it is important to know how they work. In their most common form, they are rubber power balance bracelets that use holograms that have implanted frequencies. The frequencies have a positive reaction with the body’s natural energy. When the hologram comes in contact with the body’s energy field, then the entire natural and the useful frequency in the hologram gets mixed with the body. You will get the improved energy flow within the body at the end. These bracelets are produced with 100% of surgical grade silicon. Using these comfortable and happening bracelets is not out of the league to your dress.

The power bracelets will definitely work, this is a feeling most people get if they find that these are used by the celebrities. Generally it is believed that the athletes wear these bracelets as it help to keep up the positive energy that will improve their performance. A common question is that if celebrities like David Beckham or Kate Middleton can use them and have results then why the case of others will be different. If famous people like David Beckham and Shaq can have results using them then why exception should occur in the case of common people. People who believe in these bracelets are totally impressed by it; people who are non believers have something very different to say about it.

People supporting the issue of these bracelets’ result do so without any proven argument. The various reports and articles have the argument that it was never scientifically proved that these bracelets do work in reality. The critics are doubtful about the before and after test results of these bracelets as they are of the opinion that these tests are always affirmative because the participant gets to know what the question is before. When asked if the power and energy bracelets work or not the participants always say yes as an answer as they know beforehand about the question, that is why the critics always suspect the results of the before and after tests.

Magnetic bracelets are having same kind of problem. Some suspicions have come up if magnetic bracelets work or not. Electromagnetic therapy has been in use in treating certain ailments and also reducing pain that theory is put to use in energy bracelets. It is because some of our body tissues and cells give out electromagnetic impulses.

Finally it is up to you whether you will believe in the functionality of these energy bracelets. A $10 bracelet may be of worth to you if you feel energetic.

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