Salter Bathroom Scales - Are They Worth The Money?

Published: 08th June 2010
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Whether you are on a weight loss plan or exercise program, or just wanting to keep a healthy weight, a good bathroom weight scale can help you to keep track. Some people will say that a nicely constructed and precise bathroom scale is the very best ally to any weight loss program. The numbers do not lie. A Salter bathroom scale is a precise item from a top precision scales manufacturer.

Over the years, people have been using the Salter company's variety of domestic bath scales. Numerous people have found it a trustworthy and reasonably priced item and consequently recommend it to others. Someone I work with recently bought a Salter scale. She is in her fifties and likes the sturdy and wide platform of the scale. The scale has a stylish white design and a large dial face. She finds it really easy to read the numbers.

You will find many models of Salter bathroom scales currently sold at stores. All of them have a few common characteristics. For example, their foot area always includes a non-slip surface, so that anyone can stand on it and feel safe. The maximum weight capacities will vary from model to model and some Salter high capacity bathroom scales will weigh up to 400 pounds or more.

Besides regular electronic scales, Salter also manufactures body fat scales that will measure an important body composition metric called the body fat percentage. This kind of scale uses a technique known as bioelectrical impedance analysis or BIA.

Bioelectrical impedance analysis is known as a fat monitoring technology, which is a unique feature with some Salter bathroom scales. A low-level current is passed through the body, the primary group of muscles and body fats, and the impedance value is measured. Impedance refers to the precise calculation of the total opposition to the continuous flow of the electrical current. This figure is factored along with your height, age, weight, and sex. The end result is the percentage of your body fat.

Thanks to modern technology that lets us monitor body fat and much more, the bathroom scale can now offer us with information that goes beyond just a simple weight measurement. To sum it up, getting a good bath scale like a Salter scale can provide a user with important data about their current state of wellness at their fingertips. The advantage of having a device that's conveniently accessible from home makes it very simple for us to keep tabs on our wellness at all times.

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