T8 Fluorescent Lamps - The Key Advantages

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Published: 17th January 2011
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Are you hoping to buy T8 fluorescent lamps? If that's the case, you are not alone. They're a sought after lighting option today because of their energy efficiency. Not just are they fairly affordable they also supply excellent lighting. We have come up with this buyer's guide that lists the principle qualities and things to look for when purchasing these lamps.

Physical Characteristics

The dimensions of the T8 bulbs are one inch diameter and 4 feet long. They are slimmer than the old T12 bulbs although they are just as long.

T8 Flourescent Lamps are Quite Energy Efficient

You'll be able to save a good deal of money by installing T8 fluorescent lamps in your house or business. These bulbs are extremely cost-effective. A T8 bulb just uses around 32 watts. T12 light bulbs use 40 watts.

At the same time, most places are also utilizing T8 fluorescent fixtures that have newer ballasts. Not only are the T8 electronic ballasts energy efficient but they help minimize the all round amount of energy you utilize.

How Bright Are They?

One common question which individuals have is that with the energy usage being lowered, are the lamps less bright? In fact, they're not! T8 bulbs are designed to provide exactly the same degree of brightness as the conventional T12 bulb. You get exactly the same amount of light however it is cheaper.

How Long Do T8 Lamps Last?

These lamps are an excellent bargain especially in relation to how long they last. The T8 lamps can easily last as much as 5 years or more. A T8 fluorescent light bulb usually runs for a minimum amount of 7,500 hours however can easily burn up to 20,000 hours. Even though you were to keep the light on for 10 hours per day, for each day of the year, it is expected to work for 2 years and longer.

How to Look for Them

A few of the top brands for T8 light bulbs include GE, Sylvania and Philips. But you don't need to bother about obtaining a name brand bulb. It is easy to get excellent off brands that provide superior lighting at a terrific cost.

If you wish something which looks like natural daylight you could even get T8 light bulbs that do that. For folks that are indoors a great deal, or during the winter months season, this can feel very comfortable and even elevate moods.

If you wish high quality lighting at affordable prices you need look no further than the T8 fluorescent lamps. It is easy to find them in any store. Check out your options over the internet before purchasing. You can easily visit various websites and read reviews on them.

To learn more about T8 fluorescent lamps, visit the T8 Bulbs website.

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